Flash 4 Game Archive – Jellyfish from Space

March 19, 2009

I was 19 years old and had just quit college to accept a gig out in Vancouver. The company was Eduverse and they were making Flash games to teach ESL. Jellyfish from Space is what I consider my first Flash 4 game. I remember coming up with a lot of the creative design wanting to focus on a cheesy B-Movie feel. The game would tell the story of our hero (later to be known as Octo) battling evil Jellyfish bent on stealing our oceans. The Jellyfish traveled through the galaxy in their washing machine.

The concepts were so absurd – it was awesome. My role was mostly programming and a healthy dose of creative vision. We had an artist and English professors creating the content.

The code was hacked together from a game Edvuerse had put out prior to my arrival – Space Cats. Jellyfish from Space was truely my first attempt at learning Flash 4 coding.



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