Flash 4 Game Archive – Missile Strike

April 2, 2009

Octo’s “B-Movie” Trilogy comes to a close with Missile Strike. The polish on this game speaks volumes to the amount we learned while developing the first two titles: Jellyfish from Space and Octo’s Adventure. From the sharp intro sequence, to the better pacing of the actual game, Missile Strike really was the evolutionary culmination of my earlier Flash 4 gaming projects.

Not really much new here in terms of code. Most of the code was just a refinement of the Octo’s Adventure engine. The only new mechanics were the time-sensitive missiles and the boss battle. This put a bit more pressure on the player.

The game was created in two days. Day 1 all of the art assets were drawn. Day 2 all of the coding and design were completed. Art was done by our very talented artist Cindy. My role was again coding and game mechanics.

I consider Missile Strike to be my showcase piece from the Flash 4 gaming era. It was the most “arcadey” of anything I had done and certainly the most polished.

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