Flash 4 Game Archive – Cindy’s Bad Dream Trilogy

April 9, 2009

Almost in parallel with the Octo Trilogy, we were also actively working on Cindy’s Bad Dream. It was a beautiful summer day in Vancouver and our boss had taken us on a trip to the nearby comic book store. We were looking for comic books to inspire us to make new games.

Cindy, our brilliant artist at the time, picked up a Lenore comic and made our newest character. Cindy the game character was therefore named after Cindy the artist.

Cindy’s Bad Dream was the first title released and told the story of a poor girl stuck in a nightmare world. The art style was spectacular with a very washed out, nightmarish look.

Snow Fever was part two in the series. Still stuck in slumber land, Cindy has to raise the temperature to scare off the evil snowmen.

Bear Glare was the conclusion. Like Neo becoming One with the Matrix, Cindy is now able to control her powers within her sleep state. This allows her to turn a nightmare, into a super-hero adventure.

The coding for all three of these games was incredibly straightforward. Jellyfish from Space was the template, but I rewrote most of the code from the ground up to be more usable. The same codebase was used across all three Cindy games and I was able to put them together at a rate of one per day. I really have to give props to Cindy’s artistry on these games as that’s what made them stand-out.

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