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April 29, 2009

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With all of my time spent in Flash 4 land I was getting relatively good at manipulating the annoying text file variable string system. One of the dreams of Eduverse was to build a kind of Choose Your Own Adventure conversation engine. I had an idea of how to do one.

The questions would be structured in a grid. Each question would have a variable for its text, and 3 possible answers. Each of the answers also had a “link” variable denoting which grid place it would move the “current question” marker. A link with the name “end” would call the Game Over Scene and pass some final text.

The engine, while convoluted due to the way Flash 4 handles variables, wasn’t very difficult to implement. The hard part was now – how would we feed this engine some content?

Previous titles I’d developed had a relatively straight forward variable text file structure. Our content writers could manually type out questions and answers in Notepad. But a text file of variables for Date Quest was a monolithic thing in comparison.

What I needed to build was a Content Editor. I developed the editor in Flash just so that I could quickly utilize some of the same logic. Looking back I can’t say that the editor was polished, but it did get the job done.

Our content editors were able to use this basic tool to construct a dialog chain by setting a series of interconnected questions and answers.

In the end both the Date Quest engine and editor were successful and we produced four variations of the product. Art was again produced by the ever talented Cindy.


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