Fresh Meat Begin!

September 14, 2010

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The last month and a half has been a complete blur. Let’s try to play catch up.

Raw Meat
The pre-fresh-meat practice group I started over the summer really hit full stride in August as we regularly started getting coaching help. Attendance peaked at over 50 girls just before TCRG try-outs which was just insane. It was an amazing experience getting this group off the ground and meeting so many fantastic people. I’ve handed the reigns of the group over to my fiancée and two other passionate and talented individuals. They have the difficult task of rebuilding membership now that TCRG’s fresh meat has taken the bulk of the skaters. It’s an exciting time for Raw Meat and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the Fall and Winter.

As part of the TCRG Fresh-Meat try-outs, the Vancouver Courier wanted to run an article and interview a potential recruit. My name was given to them and so I got a bit of fame. It was fun being interviewed, but a bit awkward being photographed just before try-outs with all the other recruits wondering what I was doing. Read the Vancouver Courier Article

Fresh Meat
I officially got into TCRG Fresh Meat on August 29th. I read the email while I was in the middle of the Nevada desert at Burning Man. My first practice was September 8th and I’ve had 2 other practices since. I’m really really enjoying it. It’s going to be an intense 5-6 months before drafts. I’ve submitted my derby name and received approval from the league to start using it but I’m going to wait until I know it’s been submitted to Two Evils before I broadcast it here.

My plan of attack for Fresh Meat is to practice hard such that I’m always pushing myself, but focus on staying healthy and avoiding injury.

Other stuff…
Oh yeah… I also went to Burning Man and PAX. Many more stories to tell here…

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