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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Kitteh

February 23, 2011

Snow Kitteh lines up on the jammer line

Photos by Russ Desaulniers

One year ago I started obsessing over roller derby and started on a journey. My goal was to get drafted and play for the Terminal City Roller Girls. Two weeks ago my goal was reached. I was drafted onto the Faster Pussycats.

It’s been an insane couple of weeks with my new team. Only two of us got drafted onto this team so I am surrounded by vets. While it was a relief to make it through the Fresh Meat program the pressure has only been increasing. With 19 players on our team and only 14 slots in a bout, I have to work my ass off if I’m going to get to play.

Visualizing the jamAll of my closest friends have been drafted onto separate teams so it’s been an emotional ride. I’m trying to integrate with my new team and build new friendships but I’d lie if I said it wasn’t hard.

Scrimmaging has become far more cerebral as I work to catch up to my teammates. We’re working on a few strategies which is fascinating. On Sunday I participated in my first inter-league scrimmage. It was an incredible experience.

So I’ve achieved my original goal. Time for a new one. My goal for 2011 is to develop as a player such that my team would be comfortable in playing me in the championship game. Our season starts in April. This should be a crazy wild year.