Totally coding again…

September 24, 2012

And man it feels good.

Spent the last week getting re-aquatinted with Flash Builder. I want to focus on mobile development which means saying bye-bye to Flixel and hello to Starling.

I worked through the “Introducing Starling” book, which was fantastic.

Today I made a simple starter project integrating Nape and Starling following an excellent tutorial from here:

It doesn’t look like much but I have a few boxes ticked here. I’m really trying to stick to Starling best-practices to save GPU resources. This means texture atlases and I’m trying to setup a Scene such that all Sprites can (as much as possible) use textures from a single Atlas.

For hardware test systems I have a Nexus 7 and Nexus One that I’m continually compiling on. So far the Nexus One is  maintaining >50fps. I want to try and keep this system running >30fps as a baseline “minspec”.

For now this is all just experimenting… but I’m definitely having fun!

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