Optimizations and an animation manager

October 15, 2012

Earlier this week I hacked apart the tilemap code I wrote over Thanksgiving and instead of using Flash Bitmap copyPixel functions, I moved to a solution that treats each tile as a Starling Image.  I was able to halve the GPU draw calls per frame which gave a decent bump in performance. I also managed to squash some memory issues and profiling my code now shows a much more stable memory footprint.

Tonight I spent some time playing with generating platforms before the level begins. My hunch was that the platform generation code that is called when the player gets close to the edge was causing my unstable framerates. I moved the tilemap generation and nape object creation to Level Load, and just passed premade objects to be added to the scene and the nape space. I think? this may be better? Hard to tell. I can say that trying to hold more than 100 platforms in memory causes my Nexus One to cry. Will need to play more.

Finally this evening I hacked together an animation manager so my hero can play the various Starling MovieClips depending on what she’s doing.

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