Lots of quick and noticeable changes

October 18, 2012

I spent tonight ticking off a bunch of less important boxes but just wanted to visually move the project to something more “game-like”.

I added “parallax” clouds and a better coloured background. I’m also generating the platform “Pipes”. To save time and keep using the already existing sprite strip, I’m using my original TileBlock code that creates the tilemap using Bitmaps and copyPixel functions. I’m creating several “pre-baked” pipes and I just cycle through them and attach them to platforms as they are being created. Other minor touches included added the player “block” animation, and getting the “charge” attack & animation closer to what would be acceptable.

I took a lot of shortcuts tonight just to get things built and “looking” more polished. If I want this code to be more generic and useful for more projects (I do), I’ll need to spend a good chuck of more time cleaning things up.

Performance wise I’m still holding a solid 60fps on the Nexus 7, but the Nexus One is down to 22fps. I’ll have to dig into what’s bogging down the Nexus One later in the week.

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