Ludum Dare #25 – Day 2

December 16, 2012

A lot of progress today… but the game is still more scattered than I’d like at this point in the weekend.

Essentially there are 4 gameplay components:

  1. Super light platforming
  2. RPG random battles
  3. Dialog Conversation Trees
  4. Dialog Mini-Game

The player builds their Aggression, Wit, and Skill by defeating enemies. These stats are used to complete Dialog events via a mini-game. Successful completion of the Dialog Events allow for progression in the world.

Melinda has been providing the dialog tree data and it’s been a learning process for us in getting a work-flow that.. works. We’ve simplified the game by lightening the content… to cats.

Anyway.. lots done today.. lots more to do tomorrow…

Oh and here’s a live playable..

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