2013 – A Year of Reset

June 3, 2013

I hear that 13 is considered an unlucky number because it is the transition point between two cycles. People fear change. It’s definitely been a year of change here.

Last fall I took some time away from roller-derby to get started on some personal projects. That lasted two months until our condo got hit with a small flood in October. If you’ve ever been through a restoration process you know how draining the whole experience can be. Then, in December, the big project I had been working on for 1.5 years was cancelled.

The reconstruction of our home took until January of this year. It looked like stability (at least in the home) was returning. Then, Melinda got laid off. Stress was high and we were wondering how things were going to work out.

Then in March, we got hit with another flood, the reconstruction of which has only JUST finished.

But things are starting to settle down. Melinda landed a sweet gig in May, our house is looking better, and I’ve almost shipped my second project at work this year. We’re now looking to move to downtown Vancouver, closer to both of our work places. This means getting our current place ready for sale in June, hoping for a quick sale and maybe a move in August.

Oh, and we’re also getting married in September.

So yeah, 2013 has certainly been a year of change for us. Unfortunately the craziness of the year has meant I’m not doing the personal projects I want to do, but I’ll hopefully resume again in the fall. I’m hoping for no more surprises this year. I’m ok with my Home, Work, or Relationship being straining, but this past 9 months have seen all 3 in turmoil.

Oh well, we’re dealing. And once things settle down I’m hoping to be back here.

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Kyle June 13, 2013 at 11:46 pm

Cool to hear there is a wedding on the horizon. That was a three year engagement, wasn’t it? Congratulations, again. I hope the rest of the year throws nothing but good things at you.


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