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UPDATE 2/15/2011: I’ve done a complete rewrite of the game. Entirely new code. Vastly different play mechanics. Entirely new graphics (courtesy of the talented Paul Veer), sound and music (courtesy of the talented Amon26).

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In the year 20XX the universe is in conflict. You are the sole jammer, defender of the world. Race atop metallic sky islands and win points for all of humanity.

Skate hard. Skate fast. The world is counting on you.

Roller-Derby 20XX: Mega Islands of Awesome was developed over a 48 hour period for Ludum Dare #17.

Watch > Time-Lapse Video of Development
Read > Postmortem
Listen > Soundtrack (only because someone asked)
Play > Play the Original Ludum Dare Entry 

Link > Ludum Dare #17 Vote Page

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